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We offer solutions equipped with reliable gas extinguishing systems to eliminate the fire hazard in the fastest and most effective way.


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We provide service with gas extinguishing systems to ensure the fire safety of your business or facility. There are gas extinguishing systems with different capacities and features in our wide product range.

Our expert teams are experienced in gas extinguishing systems and analyze your needs and offer the most suitable solutions. We ensure that your systems work safely and effectively with installation, integration, maintenance and testing services.

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Gas extinguishing systems extinguish flames by reducing the oxygen concentration to less than 15 per cent, which prevents most materials from burning. They are triggered by a smoke detection device that detects the presence of smoke at an early stage.

When using a high-quality gas suppression system, water is usually not required to extinguish flames. Entalpi has vast fire safety experience. We specialise in determining which type of fire suppression is most appropriate in each situation.

Our gas suppression systems are of the highest quality, so you can rest assured. When water firefighting is not an option, gas suppression systems ensure the safety of your personnel, assets and data.

Our field specialists are well trained and ready to deliver a reliable gas suppression system that is fully compliant with current legislation and always maintained to the highest standards.


There are several different gases we use in these systems: Novec 1230 (clean agent); Inergen (Inert gas IG541), a mixture of nitrogen, argon and CO2; Argonite (inert gas IG55), a mixture of argon and nitrogen.


Gas extinguishing systems can automatically extinguish flames in sensitive locations where it is preferable not to use water. They save lives and money by preventing costly water damage to equipment. At the moment of smoke detection, they release a clean substance or gas into the building.


Gas suppression is suitable for server rooms where other types of fire suppression can cause water damage or data loss, and also for electrical rooms where water can be dangerous. This ensures that your employees and assets are protected at all times.


With an indirect high pressure (IHP) CO2 system you can prioritise safety. CO2 is a colourless, odourless, electrically non-conductive gas that is very successful in extinguishing a wide range of Class A, B and C fires.

Sprinkler systems are not the best extinguishing agent where sensitive electronic equipment is located, such as server rooms and data rooms, and in storage areas with potentially flammable chemicals. Clean agent fire suppression systems are typically found where valuable equipment and large numbers of people are working.

Please note Always be careful when considering a CO2 fire protection system because a person should never occupy protected areas. Even small amounts of CO2 can be harmful or fatal if inhaled. In general, CO2 fire extinguishing systems fill the protected area with a concentration of 34% CO2. A concentration of 7.5% is considered dangerous for humans.

Due to the health hazards caused by the large amount of CO2 released by the extinguishing system, various life safety measures and procedures are implemented in and around the protected areas. The pneumatic siren is one such device that alerts workers when CO2 is about to be released from the system. In addition to these safety features, all employees and staff in the building must be trained on the health hazards associated with a CO2 fire suppression system as well as proper evacuation protocols in the event of a fire.

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