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Black air ducts are special production ducts that can perform many technical operations such as evacuation and ventilation. The intended use of the duct is versatile. In this context, it can be installed in the desired location in line with the physical characteristics of the place to be installed and for what purpose it will be installed.

Although black air ducts are generally used in the exhaust systems of kitchen hoods, this is not limited. The ducts, which stand out with their impermeability, have a wide range of uses.

Technical specifications of black air ducts are important for the area where the duct will be used. In this context, ducts are produced according to certain dimensions.

Technical Specifications of Black Air Ducts

Black air ducts are manufactured in 1.2 mm., 1.5 mm. or 2 mm. dimensions. Manufacturing dimensions usually vary between these figures.

There are more than one type of black air ducts. These types include ducts made of different materials. One of the most important features of the ducts among these types is that they are made of stainless steel. In this respect, the ducts are characterised as long-lasting. It is preferred in many areas with its long life.

Black air ducts have a functional feature due to their use in many areas. For this reason, the determining factor in black air ducts is the physical characteristics and demands of the area. In this context, ducts can be produced from galvanised sheet if desired.

One of the reasons why black air ducts are used and preferred in many areas is that they have a leak-proof structure. The fact that the black air ducts are flanged and all joints at the joints of the ducts are welded ensures that the duct has a leak-proof feature.

What are the Types of Black Air Ducts?

There are two types of black air ducts. These are Prismatic DKP Black Air Duct and Circular Dkp Black Air Duct. The factor that allows this distinction to be made is the shape of the ducts.

DW 144 standards are complied with in the production of prismatic DKP Black Air Ducts. In this context, prismatic black air ducts are produced in sizes between 1mm. and 6mm.

There are many types of prismatic DKP Black Air Ducts. These varieties are determined according to the area to be applied and demand. These varieties can be listed as follows:

  1. Flanged air duct,
  2. Air duct with gusset flange, (A part called gusset frame is welded to the ends of the duct. Holes are drilled in the angles. Thanks to these holes, the ducts are connected to each other with bolts).
  3. Log air duct,(In this production, one of the duct ends is opened outwards to form a half duct. The duct end on the parallel side is welded into the muff to be opened and then joined).
  4. DW 144 standards are taken into consideration in the circular air duct in the same way. In order to comply with these standards, it is manufactured in thicknesses between 1 mm and 6 mm. Just like prismatic black air ducts, there are varieties in circular air ducts in order to adapt to the area where they will be applied.

Circular air duct types are as follows:

  1. Self Flanged air duct,
  2. Muflu haval channel,
  3. Straight air duct.

This distinction is determined according to the physical conditions of the environment where the duct will be used and diversified in order to provide a better service.

General Features of Black Air Ducts

Black air ducts are ducts that stand out with their sealing feature. Black Sheet Metal – DKP, which is among the types of black air ducts, is the duct with the best feature in this regard.

Black Sheet Metal can be used in hospitals, dams and in every area where leakage is desired to be prevented. The Black Sheet in question is manufactured from black sheet material between 1mm.-5mm dimensions.

Black Sheet-DKP has two types. These types are as follows:

  1. Angle Welded
  2. Self Flanged

As mentioned above, the use of this type in every area where sealing is desired provides extremely efficient results. In addition, this type stands out with its long life.

One of the types of black air ducts is the air duct made of stainless steel. Just like the aforementioned Black Sheet DKP, this type has a sealing feature. This air duct made of stainless steel is produced between 0.8mm-3mm dimensions.  In addition, the flange is self-flanged and angle welded.

Air ducts can also be manufactured from aluminium material. However, each material has different dimensions. In this context, it is produced between 0.5mm-2mm from aluminium material.

The above-mentioned self-flanged production increases the functionality of the duct considerably. In self-flanged production, the ends of the ducts are bent. These bends increase the durability and strength of the duct. Ease of assembly was also taken into consideration in the production in question. Ease of installation ensures that the duct is professionally placed in the area by expert teams. For this reason, clamps are used in self-flanged production.

Some practicalities are utilised when producing air ducts. As mentioned above, the use of terminal blocks provides ease of assembly. Another example of this situation is the mitre-shaped production among the Prismatic Air Duct types. In this production, the duct is given an L shape and one end of the duct is bent 15mm and the other end is bent 20mm wide. In this way, the duct adapts to many physical environments.

Where Are Black Air Ducts Used?

Black air ducts have many usage areas. Ducts are assembled by expert teams according to demand and need. The usage areas of the ducts can be listed as follows in general terms.

  1. In hospitals,
  2. In any building for the realisation of smoke evacuation (the sealing feature is very successful in such cases.
  3. In industrial areas,
  4. Kitchens
  5. Factories,
  6. It is used in dams in order to prevent leakage.

As can be seen, the functionality of black air ducts enables them to be used in many areas. When requested by expert teams, assembly can be made by taking into account the physical structure of the environment.


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