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Water Fog

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Welcome! Our wide product range includes water mist systems with different features. We create a cool and spacious environment by offering water mist solutions that suit the needs of your business or event.

Fire Fighting Services of Entalpi Mühendislik

Gas Extinguishing System

We equip it with gas extinguishing systems to eliminate the fire hazard in the fastest and most effective way.

Fire Detection Systems

We prioritize safety with Fire Detection Systems.

Fire Pumps

We Provide Safety and Quick Response with Fire Pumps.

Inside the Panel Extinguishing

We prioritize safety with in-board extinguishing services.

Sprinkler System

We offer complete fire protection services with professional sprinkler systems to maximize your safety.

Water Mist Extinguishing Systems

Water in the form of a fog cloud in the form of small particles; water mist fire extinguishing systems are called. Water mist extinguishing systems increase the absorption area of the heat energy in the environment and therefore are used as water mist extinguishing systems in fire extinguishing systems. Divided into 2 different groups, this system can be analysed separately as a single agent and a double agent. The most common of these 2 systems is the double agent one. With the help of Nitrogen cylinders stored at 200 bar pressure, the cylinders, which are unpressurised, are activated with the explosion of the nozzles. Thanks to a special piping system, homogenous water mist is formed at the desired level and volume.

There are many reasons why water mist extinguishing systems are widely used. If we list them;

Approximately 10% of sprinkler extinguishing systems require water. Therefore, it has very low water consumption.

  • Pipe diameters are quite small and do not take up much space.
  • According to the tests conducted for Class A and B type fires; it has high efficiency.
  • It does not pose any harm to human health.
  • Oxygen in the environment decreases by approximately 4% in 5 minutes; from 21% to 17%.
  • The area does not have to be completely closed.
  • It instantly removes oxygen from the area where the fire originates.
  • It has smoke absorption.
  • It has a 3-dimensional extinguishing effect.
  • In 1 minute, it can reduce the ambient temperature from 900 C to 50 C.
  • The conductivity problem is eliminated if pure water is used.
  • It protects the objects located close to the centre of the fire from heat energy emission.
  • There is no harm to the environment.

  What is Water Mist?

The purpose of water mist fire extinguishing systems;

It absorbs and evaporates the heat energy generated in the area where the fire occurs. It helps to reduce the temperature of the environment and reduces the temperature from 900 C to 50 C.

Water mist particles; expand 1760 times volumetrically until it passes from liquid to gaseous state. In this way, it removes the oxygen in the flammable area from the environment. It reduces the amount of oxygen from 21% to 17% in a short time.


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