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Over time, the air ducts used in ventilation systems have changed a lot. They have become more advanced and cost-effective. Initially, duct pipes were made of metal, mainly copper and aluminium. However, one of the biggest disadvantages associated with them was their price. Metal-based ducts are quite expensive. Fortunately, the introduction of flexible ducts proved to be quite effective in eliminating this problem.

What are flexible ducts?

As the name suggests, these ducts are made of flexible material, mainly rubber. These ducts have an inner core and inside this inner core you will find a spiral wire covering. The purpose of this spiral wire is to provide some stiffness to the flexible duct. In addition, the flexible duct also has a plastic sheath embedded inside

For insulation purposes, the duct is surrounded by an insulating material. Some quality flexible ducts also include a thin radiant barrier, especially on the outside.

Advantages of flexible ducts

Extremely affordable – Compared to metal channels, flexible has proven to be much cheaper. They can give your business a competitive advantage because you will be able to offer your customers a more cost-effective solution, which will help them save a good amount of money.

Cheaper labour – Flexible ducting is much easier to work with than metal ducting. When it comes to flexible ductwork, you will not need to spend a lot of time customising their size by cutting them. It takes a lot of time when it comes to metal ducts, which means higher labour cost. Also, less skilled workers can also be beneficial here. Therefore, flexible ducts give you a better option.

Easy installation – As flexible ducts can easily bend and pass through tight spaces; hence, it is easier to manoeuvre them during installation. You can run these ducts through sharp turns and at different angles. In this way, it becomes easier to install an air conditioning system in all kinds of spaces.

So, these are some of the good reasons to consider flexible ducts when it comes to installing an air conditioning system…

How Durable is Flexible Duct?

Flexible duct will deteriorate over time. But in its best years, the most important thing is that the ductwork provides proper airflow and temperatures from the equipment to the conditioned space. This is where proper testing and installation comes into play.

What is the functional life of a flexible duct system? Industry articles, blogs and chat room research indicate it lasts 10 to 25 years. Most flexible duct manufacturers warrant their products for about 10 years. Let’s take a look at the longevity of flexible duct systems and the opportunities they offer.

Firstly, let’s consider the elephant in the room. Do you love or hate flex duct? What influences your opinion of flex duct? Company culture, county region, education, local rules, and even family traditions can influence your opinion.

Twenty to Twenty-Five Year Lifespan?

Let’s assume that flex duct has a functional lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Maybe you don’t realise it, but duct systems of all material types are being rebuilt and replaced every day across the country. Many systems less than five years old are underperforming and will benefit from redesign and upgrades.

Many factors affect the life of a flexible duct system. These include:

Quality of the product; some flexibility is superior to others

Location of the canal, including the region of the country; hot climates will accelerate canal deterioration

The area where the duct is installed, extremely hot attics and damp crawl spaces, when excessive, can trash flexible and other types of ducting within a few years.


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