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If you have past experience with a building or space where ductwork needed to be installed or replaced, you’ve probably heard the term “galvanised sheet metal”. Perhaps then and now, you weren’t quite sure what this material was and why it might be ideal for your HVAC system.

Galvanised sheet metal is a steel plate coated with a layer of zinc oxide, a process called galvanising. The purpose of galvanising steal is to help prevent rust and corrosion, especially for metals that may come into contact with oxygen, water or heavy debris. Sometimes, applying a coat of paint to galvanised metal will add an extra layer of protection to this already hard coating.

Are you beginning to understand why galvanised sheet metal may be the best option for long-lasting, reliable duct work?

HVAC or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems offer you great air comfort and super air modulation. It may be a blazing sun outside the house, or the outside of a house may be contaminated by pollution and warmer than natural, but an efficient and properly functioning HVAC system keeps the inside temperature of any building or home cosy, hygienic and comfortable. Great for cosy living.

The galvanised iron duct manufacturers in our team offer high quality galvanised steel duct systems with “excellent” corrosion resistance, very reliable and versatile. Galvanised steel has a number of advantages as a metal used for industrial processes or air conditioning units. Duct systems are also made from polyurethane and other fabricated materials, but these do not offer the reliability and strength inherent in galvanised steel duct systems.

We understand that simply understanding what galvanised sheet metal is may not help you feel fully prepared to make a decision about using this material in your venue’s ductwork. So, to give you a better idea of what it is and why people use it, here’s a list of the best things about galvanised sheet metal.

Less cost

The galvanising process is done manually and therefore a duct system made of galvanised steel does not have a very high cost. The costs of galvanised steel are also not affected by the ups and downs in the market.

Long service life

Galvanised steel has a longer life than many other alloys and plastics. Some galvanised duct systems can last more than 50 years with ease and minimal maintenance.


Galvanised steel ducts have the best strength and durability. The ducts and steel are not affected by bumps and impacts in any way; it can inadvertently affect a duct system. These duct systems also suffer least damage during their transportation or installation or erection.

Minimal Maintenance Costs

The strength and rigid structure of ducts made of galvanised steel require minimal maintenance. The best of ducts are as good as new for much longer periods.


Any product made of standard steel can be standardised and therefore you can easily predict the life of ducts, pipes, pipe joints or other HVAC or industrial equipment made of galvanised steel.

Automatic and Full-Time Protection

Galvanised coatings provide sacrificial or cathode protection. Thus, all damaged areas of the ducts are automatically protected. These ducts are also easy to inspect.

Whether you need new ductwork in your home or commercial space, galvanised sheet metal offers several advantages that make it one of the best options for those who want an economical, long-lasting solution to their ductwork needs.

Over time with experience, we have built a reputation based on working with people and understanding their needs. So if you want help deciding whether galvanised sheet metal is right for your space, we will help you weigh up the benefits and cost. Plus, when you work with our experts, you never have to worry about sales pressure or upselling. We promise we are here for you!


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