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We Offer Advanced Ventilation Solutions with Oval Channels.

Oval Ducts

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Oval ducts are an important part of modern and aesthetic ventilation systems. Here we offer special ventilation solutions for your business with oval ducts. Our wide product range includes oval channels in different sizes and capacities. We provide optimum air flow and increase ventilation efficiency with our oval ducts designed in accordance with the needs of your business.

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Ventilation systems are widely used in large commercial and industrial areas. Ventilation systems provide a desired level of climate by conditioning the air to certain temperature and humidity levels.

With the use of fans, the air exposed to pressure is cycled through ducts. These ducts vary depending on the purpose and place of use.

The materials from which the ducts are made are as follows:

  • Galvanised,
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel,
  • Copper.

In general terms, these materials and similar materials are used in ducts.

Depending on the place of use, materials are produced in different shapes such as oval, rectangular and circular cross-section. In order for the ducts to be connected and to fulfil their duties efficiently, air leaks must be prevented. In this context, assembly operations should be carried out with the help of expert teams.

Oval ducts offer significant advantages in terms of air flow and noise. Oval ducts have many advantages for expelling unwanted dirty air.

Advantages of Oval Ducts

Architectural conditions such as elevation problems should be taken into consideration in the installation of ducts. Elevation problems are important both in terms of aesthetics and usage in buildings. Oval ducts successfully fulfil their duties in buildings with elevation problems.

Air flow is more laminar in buildings where oval ducts are used. Laminar air flow is that the air flow occurs easily and is not exposed to adverse conditions such as any compression pressure. In this respect, oval ducts are used in architectural structures that may cause pressure problems. In this way, pressure values are reduced to minimum levels and the ventilation process becomes more efficient.

As briefly mentioned above, another advantage of oval ducts is impermeability. Leaks adversely affect the ventilation process. Oval air ducts are seen as the ideal solution to the leakage problem due to their low surface area.

Oval ventilation systems can be painted in ral codes thanks to its geometric shape. In the area where it is used, oval ducts are compatible with internal acoustic or rubber insulations.

The reasons why oval ducts are widely used today are generally itemised in this way. As mentioned, air ducts should adapt to the architectural features of the building where it will be applied. In this way, it gives more efficient results.

Oval Ducts are Long Lasting

Oval ducts are long-lasting due to their structure. Ventilation is the most basic need of a building. This basic need must be solved with the highest quality and efficient method. At this point, oval ducts, which are regularly maintained by expert teams, stand out with their long life.

Oval Ducts are Economical

It is extremely important that ventilation systems are economical. Oval ducts occupy less space in the building where they are applied with the advantage of their geometric structure. Therefore, this situation saves the material to be used for the duct.

In addition, oval ducts offer an economical ventilation opportunity since they have a sealed structure. In this way, unwanted air is easily expelled from the environment and fresh air is let in. Since the pressure ratio is at minimum level while this process is taking place, the fans do not need to show extra performance.

Oval Channel Equipment

Certain equipment is used during oval duct installation. These equipment are as follows:

  • Oval air duct,
  • OSL Elbow 90º, 60º, 45º, 30º (depending on the physical characteristics of the area used, different degrees are preferred during the installation phase.
  • ORL
  • ORLL
  • ORA
  • OVP 45º
  • OVLD
  • OVM
  • OVKT
  • OVLS
  • OVS
  • OVTT 90º Angled Trousers
  • OVT 45º Tee Piece
  • OVT Te Part

These equipment are used within the scope of the oval ventilation duct, taking into account the architectural features of the area to be installed. In this way, the ventilation duct becomes durable by ensuring that the ventilation duct is useful and air passage is in a leak-proof structure.

At the same time, oval duct equipment has a structure that takes up less space. In this way, the pressure is reduced and the fans operate in an economical structure.

Another feature of the equipment used is aesthetics. In buildings with architectural elevation problems, ventilation ducts used other than oval ducts can take up a lot of space. This situation may cause an undesirable appearance. Oval ducts give the building an aesthetic appearance by making good use of the space in areas with elevation problems.

Equipment such as OVM, OVT, ORL affect the air flow in laminar sense. Laminar air flow ensures that ventilation takes place in a healthy way.

Oval Ducts should be maintained

Oval ducts are widely used. Regular maintenance of the ducts made by expert teams without damaging the aesthetics of the building is required. Oval ducts, which are maintained in certain periods, are long-lasting. In addition, the most obvious reason why oval ducts are preferred is that they are economical. The ducts that prevent the fans from spending too much energy should be checked periodically by expert teams. In this way, they do not lose their long life and usefulness.

Construction of Oval Ducts

Oval channels are processed using fully automatic cnc. In this context, measurements are taken according to the area to be applied and oval ducts are produced by cnc in the desired dimensions. Joining parts are extremely important in ducts.

Duct joints are produced in accordance with minimum sealing with sleeves and flanges compatible with duct dimensions and full sealing with mastic method after production. In addition, it can be painted in the desired RAL colour code, then it is insulated with rubber material from inside and outside.


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